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At Catwalk Ruffs, we are proud to offer comfortable, easy to use, protective and visually appealing therapy wear for cats. As an owner of a rather feisty cat that needed a collar, I quickly realized that the plastic cone provided by my Vet was not tolerable. i fired up my imagination and my sewing machine and set to designing an alternative. The result was a soft, resilent lightweight fabric ruff that effectively took dread and fear my cat and i were experiencing with the cone and  replaced it with smiles, joy, affection and tranquility. i noticed right away that this adorable and functional ruff was actually enhancing (rather than threatening) our bond. i was even more delighted when i realized that, while wearing this soft, resilient, yet protective ruff, my cat could engage in healthy, normal activities while her ability to lick, bite and scratch her injury was gently restricted.

Stella the cat model wearing a double tier soft fabric collar for protection and healing Catwalk ruffs
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Veterinary professionals and cat owners agree, a calm cat will heal best. The cat-caregiver bond plays a crucial role in the recovery experience. Catwalk Ruffs reinforce this bond between owners and their recovering cats, by inviting connection and naturally generating expressions of love.. Ditch the dreaded cone and move on to real healing with excellent wound protection, genuine smiles, abundant cuddles, and all the comforts of feeling calm and happy. Vets couldn't be more pleased with the way Catwalk Ruffs help healing happen with great protection and surprisingly abundant joy..


In fact, Veterinarians and their techs are our biggest fans. For decades, Vets have been seeking a more compassionate, easier to use, post-surgical wound protection solution for cats. Many recommend our Therapy Line products to their clients for easy use at-home. Our Clinic Line products are specifically designed to meet the needs of busy Vet professionals. It's not hard to see the advantages in switching from disposable plastic cones to a softer, kinder, reusable product. Save money and time with an innovative solution that will make everyone feel better.

the fabrics are plush and resilient, lightwieght and beautiful on your cat
Model cat Seymour in a single tier Catwalk Ruff protective therapy collar for cats that is compassionate and gentle and environmentally friendly


At Catwalk Ruffs, we proudly practice  'zero textile waste' manufacturing practices. Our fabrics and supplies are sourced with conservation and sustainably in mind. We only create high quality, long-lasting, non-disposable pet care items designed for repeated use and easy machine washing.

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