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This versatile Catwalk Caper protects your cat's upper back and shoulder areas. It has an adjustable velcro closure at the chest. There are elasticized front leg straps that fit like loose backpack straps. It can be worn as a stand alone item, or attached to a ruff collar using the snap fastening tabs to link it to the accessory loops on the ruff.


To put this sporty Caper on your cat:

  1. Place each front leg through the strap loops, one side at a time
  2. Straighten the back cover so it runs down the center of the cat's back
  3. Secure the velcro tabs around the cat's chest
  4. If attaching it to a ruff, place the ruff on the cat with the accessory loops facing to the rear
  5. Pass the snap tabs of the caper through the accessory loops of the ruffand secure


To remove:

  1. Undo the snap tabs (if a ruff has been attached to the caper)
  2. Release the velcro on the chest tabs
  3. Flip the center back end of the caper up, bring it forward and then lower it towards the cat's face
  4. Your cat will naturally step back and lift its paws out from the strap loops


Size: Large - will fit big, adult cats (or insanely fluffy medium-sized cats)


Outer Fabric: mid-blue demin made from cotton, polyester and spandex

Lining: Coral red polyester and rayon soft knit fabric

Straps: Soft elastic covered with thick cotton rib knit

Denim Caper - L

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