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Our latest design meets the needs of cats who are experiencing extended protection needs. Sometimes allergies or OCD and anxiety can motivate cats to groom or scratch themselves to the point of losing fur patches and even causing skin lesions. Once these patches or scratch injuries appear , they can be difficult to heal. Cats will instinctively scratch them causing compounding damage and even more difficult healing challenges. Once you have addressed the source of the problem with your veterinarian, your cat will need a barrier to protect sensitive zones from continued scratching or grooming while complete healing takes place.


This design has the same cuff and comfortable tier resilience as all of our Ruffs. It is different in that it is constructed with a durable nylon surface and an inner layer that keeps it extended to retain full coverage for an active cat . The outer fabric is a featherweight nylon with a slippery, claw resistant finish. Of course, to best maintain the appearance of any of our Ruffs, we highly recommend that the claws of the wearer and any feline roommates be kept well-trimmed or capped.


PLEASE NOTE: icomfortable fit for cats that require longer term use of their Catwalk Ruff is essential. This product is made to order and custom-sized to comfortably fit your cat. Please proceed with purchase and message us with your cat’s neck measurement and any considerations such as unusual height or amount/length of fur at neck.  For example, a Devon Rex cat might be a medium tall cat requiring a med-large diameter ruff with a small neck cuff to fit its slender neck and short fur. Creating your acts extended wear ruff may take 24-48 hours, but the perfect fit will be worth the wait.


We currently have celadon (pale grey green), mid grey and raspberry outer fabric with light blue, tan/beige or grey/lilac cuffs.

Extended Wear - Supported Single Tier

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