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This single tier, forest green therapy ruff is airy and light. It is available in size M. It has a generous ruff diameter but is not as bulky as the double tier ruffs of this dimension. an effective nd comfortable ruff that would be an excellent choice for an extended wear situation such as retraining a compulsive groomer.



  • Fit: M
  • Ruff size:  (tier diameter) - 12.5"
  • Cuff size: XS - 8" circumference, 2.25" length
  • Cuff Fabric: Lilac grey rib - rayon and polyester with spandex, matte finish, very soft and stretchy
  • Ruff Fabric: solid deep dark green, lightweight, ultra-sheer organza
  • Breakaway Collar Loops: yes



  • Ruff Layer: 100% Polyester
  • Cuff: blend of rayon and polyester with spandex
  • Loops: 100% Polyester



Machine wash with mild soap in cool or warm water, machine dry on low heat setting, or hang to dry.

Garden Cat - M

  • Made in Canada

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