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A douible tier with excellent coverage in size small. The volume is quite dramatic in this one and the soft orange and copper colour scheme definitely add to the show. Just waiting for a calico, tortoise shell or Turkish Van to rock the look and gain the benefits of No Reach Peach.



  • Fit: Small
  • Ruff size:  12" diameter
  • Cuff size: 7.5" circumference, 2" length
  • Cuff Fabric: light tan beige with a soft, brushed finish,  excellent stretch and a plush soft feel
  • Upper Layer: iridescent light orange with flashes of yellow and lime, crisp finish, opaque
  • Lower Layer: copper coloured semi-sheer organza
  • Breakaway Collar Loops: yes



  • Ruff Layers: 100% Polyester
  • Cuff: Polyester, Rayon and Spandex blend
  • Loops: 100% Polyester



Machine wash with mild soap in cool or warm water, machine dry on low heat setting, or hang to dry.

No Reach Peach - S

  • Made in Canada

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