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Catwalk Ruffs are available in five standard neck sizes, and can be special ordered for unusually large or small cats, or any cat that that requires customized protection. Please use a cloth measuring tape (or a ribbon and ruler) to measure the circumference of the cat's neck. If the neck area is quite bulky because of thick fur coverage, it is okay to snug the tape measure into the fur a little bit. Next, compare the measurement with the chart below to get your cat's size. you might also check the measurements in the item description in the listing.

X-SMALL fits 5.5 - 6.5"

SMALL fits 6.5 - 7.5"

MEDIUM fits 7.5 - 9"

LARGE fits 9 - 10.5"

X-LARGE fits 10.5 - 12


What parts of the cat's body require protection?

Most ruffs will be suitable if you are trying to protect the head or mid body region. If it is on a paw, or in the rump or tail area, a wider circumference will be needed. if it is the lower neck and shoulder area, we recommend a ruff and a shoulder cape or Caper worn together to give optimal protection.


How tall is the cat?

Height matters because the diameter of the ruff may impede walking if the cat isn't tall enough to manage it. If the cat is tall, the circumference should be generous to protect the body and peripheral zones.

Is the cat an escape artist?

If your cat is a gymnast or a Houdini, you may be best to select a ruff with a snug fitting neck band and plan to use a breakaway collar with it. If they tend to be reactive and resistant to things that are not their idea, choosing one with a snug fitting neck band and very light, sheer fabrics will be best.

Will the cat need it short-term, or for extended use?

No question, Catwalk Ruffs™ are great for episodic protection. In addition, they also address longer term health needs. Short durqtion occasional use is well addressed with any properly fitted selection. When longer-term protection is needed, comfort and coverage matter even more. 

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