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This is Cal. He was our very first Vet-based customer. He just had surgery and needed some TLC and wound protection. The Catwalk Ruffs™ product his vet recommended helped him through his recovery and made his owner love him even more than she did before.

I've never been able to get him to wear any collar at all, so I was expecting a fight, but he seems to genuinely enjoy wearing this one! I think he uses the ruffles as a pillow, and he doesn't even mind when I slip it over his head. It's clearly comfortable for him - the Spandex was a great call.

Anne F.
Cal's owner

Tessie is a adult female Rex, so her lean, tall body was the inspiration for creating smaller sized neck bands with full-sized protection tiers as part of our product offering..

Tessie is the Queen of Chill in her Catwalk therapy ruff! She was totally calm from the start.

Michelle W.
Tessie's owner

Cat shown in  Catwalk Ruffs™  protective collar product.

I just wanted to tell you how amazing and creative these cat collars are! They can still drink water and walk around corners, plus they would look so adorable going around the house wearing it. Functional and Smart, Nice work! It’s a fantastic idea and I wish you well ☺️ I will be sure to people to know about this, it’s so adorable and smart!

Charlene F.

It works great! It fits her neck perfectly. We've gotten the hang of it and her belly is healing up wonderfully. She's been much more active in it than any other cone I've tried!

Hunter J.

Callie seems to really like it! She’s doing so well in your collar. Her sister appreciates being able to snuggle closer 🙂. By far the best protective device we’ve used on her so far!!!

Mike M.

Callie's owner

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